February 1, 2020

Cats Go doNuts

Going nuts when you see donuts? Then hold our paw and join us in this almost impossible, kind of crazy cat game.

Meow! Select one of the 5 happy kitty cats (or that old and grumpy cat nobody talks about). We don’t have the Nyan cat but we have Sprinkles, the pink & purrfect kitty cat a fluffy fur.

Don’t forget that eating donuts all day might be dangerous. Avoid the monsters and keep your fur nice and clean.

  • 3 exciting worlds: The Evergreen Land, The Caramel Dunes, The Popsicle Glaze
  • Meet our 7 cats: Milky, Luna, Toffee, Merlin, Lemony, Pumpkin and the one and only: Sprinkles
  • Don’t let the monsters mess with your furry purry jumpsies
  • Get the super-donuts whenever you can: fly-bye-bye, an electric donut, the magnet donut.

*This project was unpublished & archived.

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